Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cool Blinds

Wow, I've seen a similar concept before, using blinds on a blank wall to give the illusion of a window such as this. Which is of course really cool in and of itself. Especially in those random dark areas of the mouse house.

But today I just saw mini blinds that actually have solar panels on the outside! That way they soak up the sun all day and give you a soft light at night. Pretty cool!

via Inhabitat
I bet it would work best on a window up high, or one that people can't really look into since you essentially have the thing open a lot of the time. I think it could be cool on a sky light, or maybe around a porch. Perhaps re-invented to look less traditional generic office mini-blinds. Wouldn't that be beautiful if they looked more like a bamboo curtain, and you had them around a porch!

I imagine sitting outside, drinking mojitos or michaladas, enjoying the summer breeze with a soft light to read by. Something about it reminds me of firefly light or moonlight, reflected sunlight. Pretty.

PS Enjoy the full moon. It was so bright last night!

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