Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you beautiful! Yesterday was the Chinese New Year. Welcome to the year of the Ox! According to Chinese astrology, the year of the ox indicates a year of prosperity - yay! But it will not come easily this year, we must work hard, keep our nose to the grindstone, and continue dutifuly forward. It is a great year to sew the seeds for your future!

Take a moment to visualize your life as you truly want it. Think about what you really want to see yourself doing, where do you want to be, who is with you, what do you look like? According to Chinese astrology the new year is the most auspicious time of year, full of good luck. Harness that energy and send out a little dream for yourself and those you love. Then just let it go, knowing that the gears have been set in motion.

Put on something red (a lucky color), clean out your little house, open a window (if only for a brief January second!), air out old grudges, and start anew. Clear out the clutter of the past, to open up space in your life for what ever it is you truly want.

I'm working on cleaning out my old files, scrap papers, organizing old bills & tax information. I'm letting go of my massive collection of magazines that I was saving for collages. What are you doing? Where can you make space in your home? What kinds of clutter do you have? And why do you think you accumulate that type of clutter?
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