Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Need a break, will be back soon.
Too much life stuff now, blogging is supposed to be fun so I'm going to wait for some of these other things to clear out. Then I will return!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2

Too much cleaning makes me a crazy lady. I end up trucking things from one room to another, or putting them into boxes to "sort later". Hahah.
What do you do with odds and ends that you can't throw away. Or things that need to be fixed? But you don't feel like stopping to fix now, because then you'll never ever be done with sorting this junk drawer that is now laying in a massive heap all over the living room floor?? And then crazy cat comes over to "help"...and lies down on all the papers you are in the middle of sorting... Its all pretty funny actually.
Anyway, I took last week off. Now I have to do the entry way AND the living room this weekend. Blargh.
At least the weather will go back to typical 50s and grey skies so I will f o c u s!!!

Blissful Images


I found this photographer I love! She also lives in Portland, and I am totally in love with her soft and bright photographs of flowers, fruit, trees, and houses.

Buy her prints at blissful images too. Or at her Etsy shop.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Homage to patterns

Just a hello.
Two things.
Some people love yarn, have a major stash, etc. While it is true that my close friend (and pack rat in her own right) told me I have too much yarn, I do not think that my problem is yarn.

Instead I have a problem with patterns. I think I am alone in this one. Many blogs talk about "yummy" yarn, a yarn obsession, an over flowing stash. It's true, I have a lot of yarn. But my obsession, my passion, with knitting is the patterns! What is it? The potential? The thrill of making it my own? Its the idea that here is all I need to create this beautiful clothing. This piece of paper, these letters, can be transformed, translated, with yarn and time, into a wearable object. A clothing item - -but a work of art, in a way. Or maybe just a way of passing the time - a physical representation for the time I spent watching Dollhouse, BSG, Dexter, or any other inanely nerdy show. I show it in knits. Maybe that's why, when I finish a pattern - no matter how many are in my binder - I hunt for more...what's next? A cami? A tee? A slouchy hat? In that moment between casting off and casting on that is where possibility lies! I cannot wait to cast on again - but part of the trilll is finding the best pattern to suit my skill, my time, my available yarn ( use up the stash baby! ). Seeing the potential, the garmetns I can make...That is the most thirilling.
I think I may be alone in this obsession. I know lots of knitters thrilled with yarn. To me the potential of yarn is in the pattern. Perhaps this is because I haven't delved into making my own patterns. Instead I look to patterns to dictate what I will knit. I don't see a problem with that tho. It makes me so excited and thrilled to look at patterns.
What's your take?

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Book Shelf

Originally published at my other blog, I thought it was more mousehouse style to have a book review section. Since books take up so much room in my house, it seems natural that they should have a home here on my blog too.

I am the type of person that reads at least 5 books at once! Blame it on an inability to focus, a need for variety, or a passion for learning new things, but I actually enjoy reading a number of books at once. Usually I read one or two main books, often a novel, and have other usually non-fiction books that I rotate through in the background. I wrote this entry a while ago, and have since finished this book, but thought I would share my thoughts regardless.

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.
This is currently my main book, a novel. It is written from three different perspectives, and different time periods. It also includes first person narratives and letters which are also first person narrative obviously.

When first starting this book it was a little confusing who was speaking and what time period we were in. But as I read on and realized what the separate threads were, I started to get into the book and read more and more in one sitting which always helps to increase reading comprehension. ;)

The story mostly told from the perspective of an unusual boy whose dad died in the world trade center on 9/11. It's also about his family, his grandparents voices are in there heavily. Comparisons are drawn between 9/11 and ww2, and also the personal tradgedy that is life and living. "We spent our whole lives making a living." Things like that, quesitons about the way life ends up. How did we get here from there? What the hell happens in each day that is so small that leads to something that you are living in the present that is nothing like what you thought you would be doing. It has a very poignant feeling, I want to say bittersweet, but that's not quite right.

It is actually quite well written, there are particular phrases that absolutely glow. My favorite chapter so far has been the one about the Dresden bombing. The way it was written was intense, fast-paced, and punctuated with red circles like someone had edited the page, which at first I thought was distracting, but then thought it added to the velocity and fierceness. Somehow red marks all over the page really fits with a chapter where the narrator sees horses on fire galloping down the street swirling with smoke and screams.

Pros: Pictures, unique book layout, includes blank pages, colored pages, etc...immersive, a few excellent passages that really show off some great writing.
Cons: The narration can take on a conceited & irritating tone sometimes. Sometimes the way its structured makes me wonder how "real" it is (if that makes sense), like he was trying too hard to be clever or innovative.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Check out these gorgeeeeousss DIY flower fairy lights! You make them with vellum paper so they hold up outside!!! Follow the link at the bottom for the tut.

This needs to be done to my balcony immediately!!!!!!

From Apartment Therapy via Craftzine
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