Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Need a break, will be back soon.
Too much life stuff now, blogging is supposed to be fun so I'm going to wait for some of these other things to clear out. Then I will return!
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Apartment Therapy Spring Cure 2

Too much cleaning makes me a crazy lady. I end up trucking things from one room to another, or putting them into boxes to "sort later". Hahah.
What do you do with odds and ends that you can't throw away. Or things that need to be fixed? But you don't feel like stopping to fix now, because then you'll never ever be done with sorting this junk drawer that is now laying in a massive heap all over the living room floor?? And then crazy cat comes over to "help"...and lies down on all the papers you are in the middle of sorting... Its all pretty funny actually.
Anyway, I took last week off. Now I have to do the entry way AND the living room this weekend. Blargh.
At least the weather will go back to typical 50s and grey skies so I will f o c u s!!!

Blissful Images


I found this photographer I love! She also lives in Portland, and I am totally in love with her soft and bright photographs of flowers, fruit, trees, and houses.

Buy her prints at blissful images too. Or at her Etsy shop.

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