Monday, March 23, 2009

Homage to patterns

Just a hello.
Two things.
Some people love yarn, have a major stash, etc. While it is true that my close friend (and pack rat in her own right) told me I have too much yarn, I do not think that my problem is yarn.

Instead I have a problem with patterns. I think I am alone in this one. Many blogs talk about "yummy" yarn, a yarn obsession, an over flowing stash. It's true, I have a lot of yarn. But my obsession, my passion, with knitting is the patterns! What is it? The potential? The thrill of making it my own? Its the idea that here is all I need to create this beautiful clothing. This piece of paper, these letters, can be transformed, translated, with yarn and time, into a wearable object. A clothing item - -but a work of art, in a way. Or maybe just a way of passing the time - a physical representation for the time I spent watching Dollhouse, BSG, Dexter, or any other inanely nerdy show. I show it in knits. Maybe that's why, when I finish a pattern - no matter how many are in my binder - I hunt for more...what's next? A cami? A tee? A slouchy hat? In that moment between casting off and casting on that is where possibility lies! I cannot wait to cast on again - but part of the trilll is finding the best pattern to suit my skill, my time, my available yarn ( use up the stash baby! ). Seeing the potential, the garmetns I can make...That is the most thirilling.
I think I may be alone in this obsession. I know lots of knitters thrilled with yarn. To me the potential of yarn is in the pattern. Perhaps this is because I haven't delved into making my own patterns. Instead I look to patterns to dictate what I will knit. I don't see a problem with that tho. It makes me so excited and thrilled to look at patterns.
What's your take?

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